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“Ellison is a prolific songwriter, and his work reflects influences from the British Blues Invasion, Motown, and Memphis rhythm and blues.” - Blues in Britain 
In addition to solo records and playing with other artists, Ellison has also penned songs that have appeared in such hit TV shows as Sister Sister, Eye on L.A., and the soap opera Santa Barbara, as well as the soundtrack to the Ben Affleck motion picture Reindeer Games, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Joan of Arcadia, Saving Grace, Smash and four songs on 2012’s hit TV show Justified on the FX Network. Scott was also pleased to see himself listed in the film credits for the world wide release of the movie "Feast of Love" starring Morgan Freeman in September 2007. Scott co-wrote, sang, played and co-produced his song "Don't Push Your Luck" that appears early in the movie. Scott just recently struck gold again with another song co-written by Scott in which he sang and performed "Jesus Loves Me" (Baby Why Don't You) in the new Blockbuster feature film "Home Front" starring Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth. It became a single from the movie on JSE Records.  You can find Jesus Loves Me (Baby Why Don't You) on Scott's new record, "Elevator Man" soon to be released.

Red Parlor released "Elevator Man" on May 12, 2015, produced by Walt Richmond, Eric Clapton's keyboard player on Eric's last 5 CD's.  Scott was inducted into The Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame in May 2013.
On July 28th of 2017 Scott's newest CD "Good Morning Midnight" was released on Red Parlor and distributed by Sony Red. 
On May 8th 2020 Scott's new CD titled, "Skyline Drive" will be released. 
He continues to tour in the US and Canada, performing around 200 shows a year.

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